Why People Wear Dragon Jewelry

How to wear dragon jewelry: significance of the talisman


Mythical creatures evoke a sense of magic. Wearing a small version of your favorite flying serpent communicates your interest to others, gives you a sense of your own power, maybe even makes you feel protected. Read why we love dragon jewelry.




The word “dragon” entered the English language in the 13th century; one of the first appearances of the word is in Beowulf.. The word can be traced back to the Latin word draconem, meaning “huge serpent.” The word can be traced even further back to the Greek verb δέρκομαι (dérkomai) meaning “I see.” And going back even further to Indo-European words meaning “to see.” This probably references snake eyes.


In the Chinese language, the word for dragon is “long,” meaning serpent. Or “qiu,” meaning dragon.”Mogul” is the Chinese word for demon, fiend, or devil.


The lore of fantasical, fire-breathing reptilian-like animals has developed in just about all corners of the world down through the ages. It’s unclear when tales of flying serpents first appeared. Dragon stories in the East and West may have developed separately.


Some of the earliest stories of dragons and giant monsters may very well have been derived from the discovery of large prehistoric skeletons and bones. There are examples from the Bible, Greek historians, even an early text from the 3rd century in China. The wonder and mystery of these giant creatures has been with us for a long time.

Symbolism of a mythical creature

In the West, dragons symbolize evil and greed. That said, dragons also symbolize power and war, hence the many stories about Apollo to King Arthur to St. George. In the East, dragons symbolize wealth and good fortune.


The symbolizim of dragons is many, and one thing’s for sure: dragons are formidable! For whatever reason you wear a dragon ring, earclip, or pendant, a distinctive piece will have meaning for you. No doubt it will be a conversation starter!


13th Floor Jewelry handcrafted rings, ear clips, nipple shields and more


A jeweler creates unique pieces because they know it is special to the wearer. Jewelry with symbolism helps someone project strength, mystery, and that you are a force to be reckoned with. Or that you want a talisman for protection, prosperity, or perhaps well-wishing others.


John at 13th Floor Creations takes great care and pride in each ring, earclip, pendant and nipple shield he creates. He loves the process of carving wax and it shows. The meaning and the legend behind each mythical creature he renders in his lost wax casting. He pays attention to detail, such as each scale, each eye, each claw because myths and fantasy are the stuff of imagination made manifest in the jewelry.

The benefits of letting the imagination run wild in jewelry-smithing: fans of Phantasy jewelry are often looking for something that strikes their fancy, something different. It’s a treasure hunt in the purist form. Check out John’s offerings in his Etsy shop: Horseclaw, Dracolith, Laughing Demon, and more. Pick one up, wear it, and let us know your reactions!