About lil’ ol’ me…

John D. Maddin

The Basics

I’ve been doing commercial illustration for over 25 years now, give or take. A few years ago my wife and I created our first children’s book, LETTERS OF THE WEST, published by Craigmore Creations in 2014. I have just finished the artwork for what will hopefully be our second book, NATURALIST NUMBERS, and we hope to find a publisher for that this year.

Influences over the years have included the usual gang of Old School Masters like Albrecht Dürer, Gustave Doré, and Francisco Goya, on into 20th Century artists such as Franklin Boothe, N.C. Wyeth, the whole crowd of Art Nouveau illustrators (Alphonse Mucha, Erté, etc…), and modern day woodcut and scratchboard geniuses Barry Moser, Mark Summers, Douglas Smith, and Scott McKowen.

John at work