To Commission a Pet Portrait

An 8×10 inch scratchboard Pet Portrait is $450.

I will need:

  • Your name and address
  • Name of Pet
  • One or two decently sized photographs which have been scanned at a high resolution (600dpi) – I need to see all the details of the Furry One’s eyes, fur, whiskers, all that stuff. A wallet-sized photo that you’ve scanned will NOT work.

Here are a few examples of what I can do with the right photograph reference.

Henry the cat
Henry – Reference Photo
Henry the cat on fabric
Finished Scratchboard Art of Henry
Charlie the dog
Charlie – Reference Photo
Charlie the dog
Finished Scratchboard Art of Charlie
Cali the cat
Felice – Reference Photo
Felice, a black & white cat
Finished Scratchboard Art of Felice
If you have more questions please reach out to me at the Contact page.
There are two ways to order:

Payment By Mail

The photo(s) may be mailed or submitted online. Payment by check made out to John D. Maddin, 1/2 ($225) in advance, 1/2 ($225) upon completion. Contact me for the mailing address.

Payment Online via PayPal/Debit/Credit

Payment is 1/2 ($225) in advance, 1/2 ($225) upon completion.

The completed scratchboard image will be mailed to you.

For more information, please get hold of me at the Contact page.

For Pet Photo Submission: